Best Industrial Desks

best industrial desk

Despite the amount of work we all face, our work space does not have to be boring. One way to make your workspace or home office more interesting is to add an industrial desk. Industrial desks are typically made from heavy-duty materials such as metal or wood. They are typically sturdy and durable, making them an ideal piece of furniture to work on. We’ve outline some of the best industrial desks that would make a great addition to your home.

Industrial Office Desks

Industrial office desks are made of a variety of materials and come in a wide range of different colors and styles. You can order to your space and preferences. Some industrial office desks are intended to be purely utilitarian, others to have a clean look, whereas some lean toward rustic.

Industrial Computer Desks

There are many desk configurations that are made available specifically for computer work, including standing desks, which we will touch on later. Keep your eyes open for an industrial computer desk that suits your specific needs and set-up, such as multiple monitors or wire management concerns.

Industrial Metal Desks

Metal industrial desks are one of the more common types, with steel or aluminum being the key materials used. If a metal desk catches your eye, make sure that the table top’s metal is corrosion and rust resistant.

Industrial Writing Desks

These desks have a flat surface for writing, but some allow for adjusting the surface to a more natural angle for writing, which sets it apart from other desks. For writers and first time authors, these are perfect.

Industrial Desks with Drawers

A variety of desks with built-in drawer configurations are available to suit. Depending on the individual’s needs and choices, these desks can have two, three, or even four shelves. There are several with unique designs, such as dedicated drawers for a keyboard.

Industrial Corner Desks

Your office can be made more functional with a corner commercial desk. These can also save space in a nice way. Several different colors and materials are available for corner industrial desks, from those in search of that classic finish to a more contemporary metal.

Industrial Wood Desks

There are a variety of wood desks, and while some feature metal frames, there are also solid wood desks to suit even purists. Wooden industrial desks are easy to maintain and keep clean. These can also be customized with a variety of finishes tailored to your liking.

Industrial Standing Desks

People who suffer from back problems and need to stand up while they work may find standing desks useful. Although there are many types of standing desks, an industrial standing desk is likely to last for the longest time. These are intended to help people work efficiently while also keeping the body in mind.

Industrial Desks with Shelves

Your office will feel more functional with the addition of an industrial desk with integrated shelving. You can also choose between covered and uncovered shelves, or cupboards-whichever you prefer. Some desk makers provide specialty shelves, such as a dedicated space for a printer, as well.

The industrial desk is a hot item right now. As designers continue to work on minimal and utilitarian styles, the popularity of these desks has increased, especially among those who are considering working from home. We hope that you have found what you are looking for in our guide, and that you will be pleased with your purchase.


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