Best Industrial Pipe Shelving

industrial pipe shelving

Industrial pipe shelving is the perfect option if you love that old factory and industrial look. Whether you are looking to fill an empty wall, create an awesome storage option, add industrial charm to an office, living room or kitchen, these industrial pipe shelves will add a rustic, industrial feel to your area. Of course, depending on your individual preferences, you can also choose to use a 2-tier or 3-tier floating pipe shelf or choose from the free standing options.

Industrial Pipe Shelving

How Much Weight Can Pipe Shelves Hold?

Most pipe shelves and pipe shelf brackets are made from strong industrial iron and can hold up to 140lbs per bracket. However, every manufacturer is different and it’s important to check the specifications before you buy the shelving unit. In terms of weight capacity for each individual shelf, you can expect to hold around 50lbs per shelf which means if you decide on a 3-tier system, the shelf can hold up to 150lbs.

Ideally, you should attach industrial shelving systems to a wall stud, as this will give you the most support for your shelves and prevent them from collapsing.

How Do You Hang a Pipe Shelf?

1. Workout Where You Want Your Pipe Shelf

Before you do anything, you’ll first want to figure out where you’d like to hang your pipe shelving. Once you’ve found a suitable location, use a stud finder to locate any wall studs as this will provide the most support for your shelf.

2. Measure Up

Use a spirit level to make sure the bracket is straight and then draw a horizontal line on the wall and mark up your holes with a pencil.

3. Screw In Your Industrial Pipe Bracket

Drill a hole into the centre point that you marked out previously and secure it with the parts that have been provided when you bought your shelf. Once you’ve done this, screw in the kit’s screws ensuring they are fully secure. Use your level again to check if everything is straight.

4. Attach The Shelves

Place the shelves onto the bracket and depending on the make and type of industrial pipe shelving, you may need to screw the shelves to the brackets making sure they are secure and won’t fall down easily.

5. Enjoy Your New Industrial Pipe Shelf

Your new industrial style pipe shelf has just given your space that cool factory look. You’re now ready to add the desired items to your shelf.


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