Best Industrial Shelves

industrial shelves

For many, industrial-style shelves are an ideal solution for storing items of varying sizes, shapes and weights. If you need a shelf that can store things of different sizes, shapes, and weights, industrial shelves are an ideal choice that offers versatility. These can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room as one of the most efficient ways to maximize your space. Industrial shelves come in a range of different styles, shapes, and materials.

Industrial Floating Shelves

There are a variety of finishes that make floating shelves go from being merely decorative to completing a space’s look. A floating shelf can be used nearly anywhere. Their versatility makes them suitable for every room, regardless of style. You can also easily clean them, and there are lots of different colors and sizes to choose from.

Industrial Shelves with Hooks

Name any room in your house, and we bet it can benefit from a cleverly placed shelf that incorporates hooks. These units are perfect for cases where you need a dedicated spot to dry towels, or to hang up your household’s favorite winter hats.

Industrial Wall Shelves

If you have a limited amount of space and would like to maximize your storage, wall shelves are a great option. There are many types, sizes and materials of wall shelves, and they can hold almost anything, from books and DVDs to kitchen appliances. There are an assortment of colors available.

Industrial Kitchen Shelves

Dishes, pots, and pans, and any other kitchen accessories can nicely be stored on industrial shelves in the kitchen. Whenever you find your kitchen disorganized or cluttered with cans, jars, utensils, and other kitchen items, a shelf becomes the perfect solution.