Industrial Bedroom Sets

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Whether you use your bedroom only for sleeping or you spend long hours relaxing in there, you need to create a comfortable and cozy environment. The industrial style has taken over in recent years with a lot of people opting for an industrial bedroom set to complete their room. 

How To Choose Your Industrial Bedroom Set

There are a lot of different types of industrial furniture especially when it comes to bed sets and while this is an important consideration, you will need to think about a few other things.

For example, you must consider the size bed that you will need. If you are creating a room for a single person or a couple, a double, king or queen bed will be the best option. However, if you are decorating a room for your guests, or for children, an industrial twin bed set might be a good choice.

Moreover, it pays to think about the look you want to achieve. Many people think that industrial design is a very uniform style but this couldn’t be further from the truth. There are some sets that have a more vintage character as well as the modern industrial bed set for people with a more recent taste.

It is important to think about the material you would like. Within industrial decor, you will normally find lots of metal accents and untreated, raw wood. However, the latter can be very expensive. If you want to make an investment, this won’t be an issue but for people who want to watch what they are spending, veneer is widely available.

FInally, you should always think about the number of pieces that are included in your bed set. There are some that come with everything you will need to set up a bedroom including a bed, dresser, mirror, nightstand and much more. Conversely, some sets come with minimal options and are better for those who don’t require everything. Moreover, some sets only come with one nightstand whereas two are usually needed. In this case, you must check whether there is an option to purchase additional pieces separately.

Industrial Bedroom Set Queen Bed

If you have a larger room, a regular double bed can be dwarfed. That is where the queen bed comes in and there are many industrial bedroom sets that are queen sized out there.

This Esofastore Queen bed set comes with a bigger than average bed, a nightstand, a dresser, and a mirror. While it is a wooden finish this is one of the most modern industrial bedroom sets we have seen as well as retaining an element of classic style; if you want to combine the best of both worlds, this is the set we would recommend.

Industrial Bedroom Set King Bed

An industrial bedroom set King Size is great if you want a little more room than a double or queen can offer. These sets come with an extra large bed and many other elements including storage and dressers. We particularly love this wooden industrial style bedroom set that has a rustic feel and comes with everything you’d need in the bedroom including a mirror!

Industrial Wood Bedroom Set

Wood is one of the most prominently featured materials within the industrial trend. If you want an industrial look bed set to complement exposed brick walls and whitewashed ceilings with huge fans, an industrial wood bed set will make the perfect contrast.

What’s great is that you can source a set with everything you need meaning that you won’t have to fork out on extras. Look at this 6 piece set as an example; it has a bed, two nightstands, a mirror, dresser, and a chest all in a luxurious dark wood finish.

Industrial design in the bedroom can be tricky to get right without the proper furniture. The good news is that for industrial fans, there is a wealth of stunning industrial bed sets made from rich woods with metal accents that will fit in perfectly with your newly decorated master suite!