Industrial Dressers

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If you have made the decision to get on board with the industrial style trend, then let us be the first to congratulate you; we know you’re going to love this decor theme. However, when it comes to getting it just right, it isn’t all about aesthetics, practicalities need to be taken into consideration too.  

Some of the best industrial dressers offer a combination of style, ease of use, and plenty of space to store your things. When finishing a bedroom, this is one of the most important pieces of furniture

Industrial Dresser Styles

The great thing about the industrial decor craze is that there are so many options. While many think that this is a one-track design trend, you will find that furniture comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors. When looking at industrial style dressers, you certainly won’t be limited on choice.

Industrial Metal Dresser

Metal is a material that features heavily in many industrial themed homes. Not only does it give that factory look to a room but it also offers excellent durability. Moreover, metal is a lot more simple to maintain than other materials like wood as it requires nothing more than a spot of cleaning from time to time. If you live a fast-paced life and need practical furniture, an industrial metal dresser could be for you. But there is also the option of combining metal with wood, another of the most popular materials within this design trend. A metal frame will give the dresser stability, while wooden accents or drawers will provide you with an aesthetic appeal.

Industrial Storage Dresser

Industrial decor came from the idea of converting a large unused commercial space into a residential property but with this often came the issue of storage. Many of these factories, warehouses, and other buildings are large, open spaces with little built-in storage. While the trend is now also used in smaller, purpose built residential spaces, storage can still be an issue. By investing in an industrial storage dresser, you are opening up storage space for life’s essential items.

Whether you are looking for a simple two-drawer dresser for your bits and pieces or a much larger piece with several drawers and cabinets, there is something for everyone. Some units even come with shelves which are great for displaying decorative items and turning a practical piece of furniture into something much more pleasing on the eye.

Industrial Wood Dresser

Wood is regularly used in the industrial design trend and while you can go with any type, darker woods like walnut and mahogany are often favored. An industrial wood dresser is great if you are looking for a solid piece of furniture since many of these products are made with durable, treated wood. However, wooden furniture does need a certain amount of TLC but if you are willing to invest this time, you will be rewarded with a piece of furniture that will more than stand the test of time. Not only this, but a wooden dresser can bring a very exclusive look to the space.

Black Industrial Dresser

When you think about industrial design, you might instantly think of exposed brick and black metal. This is right on the mark and the basis of a good industrial theme. If you want to stick to the most traditional approach, a black industrial dresser will allow you to do this.You can use this style of dresser as a statement piece, especially when going for something much larger. Alternatively, you can place your black industrial dresser in amongst other black pieces for a dark, modern look.

Features Of Industrial Dressers

One of the key features of the modern industrial dresser is the choice of materials. Staying in keeping with the industrial design trend, these dressers are made from raw materials that offer a rustic look. Moreover, you will notice that storage is key and an industrial dresser will generally feature large drawers, cupboards and shelves offering a practical solution.

In terms of style, there are a wide range of features that can cause an industrial style dresser to be super modern or much more vintage. Which you go for will depend on the theme of your space and what you wish to achieve. Another important feature of an industrial dresser is that it is a very solid piece of furniture. This is once again in relation to those raw materials that offer incredible durability.

Benefits Of Using Industrial Dressers

Industrial design isn’t just about looking great, there are many benefits to including even just one piece of industrial furniture in your room.


The build quality of industrial dressers and other furniture is second to none. If you are looking to make an investment in a piece of furniture that will last throughout the years, then there is nothing more robust than industrial dressers.


The number of features that are boasted by the industrial dresser are amazing. For people who are looking for furniture that is both practical and durable as well as being a striking statement piece, your new industrial dresser delivers on all fronts.

Cost Efficiency

There are industrial dressers out there that can cost thousands of dollars, but that is the case with any design trend. But even if you don’t opt for a very high-end piece, you are still going to get something that is of the best quality, without having to break the bank. Spending anywhere between $50 and $150 will get you an industrial dresser that is robust, beautiful and provides you with the storage you need. Once in place, this is a piece of furniture that will stand the test of time making it a very cost effective investment.

To complete your industrial themed bedroom, it is important to have a selection of the best furniture. Where storage is concerned, an industrial style dresser makes an impressive statement piece as well as being highly practical. With so many designs, colors and materials to choose from, you can find something that will match the style of your room.