Industrial Nightstands

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A nightstand is not only a good way to frame your bed on either side but it also serves as a very practical piece of furniture. For those who have created a stunning bedroom following the industrial theme, an industrial nightstand will allow you to stay in keeping with this theme. 

Types Of Industrial Nightstand

The type of industrial style nightstand you choose will depend on your needs. For example, do you have a lot of things you need to store or are you looking more for something that can serve as a display stand for decorative pieces?

Industrial Metal Nightstand

Look at any industrial themed room and one of the first things you will notice is that there are a lot of metal elements. This is a material that was often, and still is used in factories and warehouses, where this decor trend takes its inspiration. By including lots of metal elements in your design, you can complement other materials. The industrial metal nightstand can be something of a statement like this uniquely shaped side table or something with metal accents. We love how the black metal contrasts with the dark wood of this stunning nightstand.

Modern Industrial Nightstand

When you think of industrial design, you might think of something that is a little more rustic. This can often be the case and we are fans of the vintage industrial theme. However, if you like your home to be a little more modern, there are still some excellent pieces of furniture that are in keeping with industrial decor. For example, the BEEWOOT side table offers all the elements of a traditional piece of industrial furniture with a much more modern shape; the perfect piece for the contemporary home.

Industrial Nightstand With Drawer

While some people like to install a nightstand that features a single shelf for a more minimal look, this isn’t always suitable if you have a lot of things you need to store. Having your essential items to hand during the night is a must for many people and while a lot of the industrial nightstands feature shelves, there are plenty that come with drawers. An industrial nightstand with a drawer often features a stark contrast between wood and metal which is great if you want to make a statement. There are also those that have a small cupboard under the drawer or under a shelf which gives you much more ample storage space.

Black Industrial Nightstand

Black is a very significant color where the industrial design trend is concerned; it features heavily in various designs and plays a very nice contrast to other key elements such as untreated wood and exposed brick. By choosing a black industrial nightstand you are instantly bringing this theme into the room, even if the rest of the space is not decorated in the same style. Something like this set of two black framed industrial nightstands demonstrates how well this material contrasts.

Industrial Nightstand Tall

Many industrial nightstands are a similar height to the bed and while this is the most traditional approach to this type of furniture, there are some that stray away from the norm. A taller industrial nightstand has more than one benefit. For example, these tall modern industrial nightstands typically feature much more storage, whether this be several shelves or drawers and cupboards. These are great for practical reasons. However, you will also notice that by placing tall industrial nightstands either side of the bed, you instantly create new dimensions in the room allowing you to have an entirely new look just by changing one piece of furniture.

Industrial Nightstand Sets

If you want to create a symmetrical room then buying more than one nightstand is a must. Placing a nightstand either side of the bed can make this essential piece of bedroom furniture much more of a feature. You might place the nightstands with matching lamps and a beautiful piece of wall art over the bed to complete the look. Deciding on the style of industrial nightstands you would like is your first port of call but then you have a lot of choices. These open style, shelved industrial nightstands for sale are great for displaying decorative items, photographs, and books. You may only see your nightstand as somewhere to place your phone, glasses and bottle of water when you hit the sack, but it can be so much more than this. By choosing an industrial style nightstand, you can bring the room together creating a much more uniform space. Whether you want to pull together an existing industrial theme or hint towards this trend with a piece of statement furniture, matching nightstands are a great way to do this.