Industrial Corner Desks

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Whether you are setting up a home office or creating a commercial space, industrial corner desks provide you with ample working space as well as being practical in terms of placement. By putting a desk in the corner of the room, you save space in other areas which is great news for those with smaller rooms.

How To Choose An Industrial Corner Desk

Corner desks are becoming more and more popular and with the industrial trend at its peak, it isn’t surprising that there is a lot of call for industrial style corner desks. But with that in mind, you want a piece of furniture that is in keeping with the industrial look but that is unique to your space. For this reason, it is important to choose a desk that stands out and shows your personality through your decor choices.

Wood is a common material within industrial design so choosing a desk made from either a dark wood or a distressed light wood will bring some industrial flair to the room. Metal accents are also a great addition to this design.

You should deeply consider the size of your new desk in relation to the room and of course, how often it will be used. For example, for a busy office that runs every day, a larger desk with lots of workspace might be required.

Types Of Industrial Corner Desks

As well as thinking about the size and material of your new industrial style desk, it is important to think about the different types of desk on offer.

Small Corner Desks

For a lot of people, creating a home office means making use of a small, disused room and with this limited space comes the need for smaller furniture. While many industrial desks are large and prominent, there is a good selection of small industrial desks that are perfect for little rooms. But just because they are small that isn’t to say that they don’t come with some excellent storage options. Just look at this small industrial desk with shelves that is ideal for a tight corner.

Industrial Corner Desks With Drawers

The addition of drawers is essential for keeping your desk organised. When you begin working, it doesn’t take long for pens, pieces of paper and other knick knacks to accumulate on the desktop. However, with a series of drawers everything has its place and you will be more productive. This industrial desk with drawers comes in a beautiful grey colour that is perfectly fitting with the industrial theme.

Industrial Corner Desks With Storage

Storage is so important when you are working and the great thing is that there are a wealth of industrial corner desks with storage ranging from shelves to drawers and even cabinets. An L shaped desk with ample shelving is ideal for storing files, folders, and books.

Industrial Corner Desk With Hutch

If you will be using your desk for working, gaming, and other things, you may need something with a lot more space. Moreover an industrial desk with a hutch will free up space in the rest of the room, limiting the need for freestanding storage furniture like drawers and bookshelves.

Black Industrial Corner Desk

When you look at what is on offer, most industrial corner desks for sale feature black to a certain degree because this is such a popular colour within this design trend. But black industrial corner desks come in a wide range of styles.

There are those that are completely black and make a stunning statement especially when placed against a painted wall or exposed brickwork. However, if you think something all black would be too much, there are many hybrid desks made from wood with black metal accents that are just as aesthetically pleasing.

A corner desk is a great way to turn a mundane piece of furniture into something of a statement but when choosing between the many industrial corner desks on the market, you really will need to whittle down your options. From stunning large industrial corner desks with drawers and multiple storage options to small industrial desks for limited spaces, the choices are endless.