Industrial Metal Desks

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Whether you are creating a home office or want to place a desk in another room for aesthetic reasons, metal is one of the most commonly used materials in the industrial design trend. Moreover, this is a durable material that is very low maintenance making it ideal for busy homes. 

How To Choose And Industrial Metal Desk

When you are shopping for an industrial style metal desk, there are many things you will need to consider. Regardless of what type of industrial look you are going for, metal is a great material to use since it is one of the most heavily featured within the trend. You will need to make sure that the desk you choose is structurally strong, especially if you intend to use it every day. But there are two very important things to keep in mind when looking at industrial metal desks for sale.

Types Of Metal

The most common types of metal for furniture are steel and aluminium. Both of these materials have their pros and cons but as a rule, if you are looking for something more lightweight, you should opt for aluminium. On the other hand, an industrial steel desk is slightly heavier but does offer greater durability. The type of metal you choose will depend on how the desk will be used. For something that will be used on a daily basis, a more robust structure will be required.

Size And Shape

The size of your room will determine the size desk that you can use in there. If you are setting up a home office then you may be at liberty to use something a little larger, especially if you will be using the desk every day. However, if you want to install a desk into an unused corner of a room, you may need to go for something smaller. Moreover, in these areas, a corner desk can work well. Usually desks will be rectangular but there are those that offer more in the way of height than width which are also excellent for tight spaces.

Types Of Industrial Metal Desks

No matter what you are trying to achieve, your options when it comes to an industrial style metal desks are anything but limited.

Industrial Metal Desk With Drawers

For people who are going to use their new industrial desk for the bulk of their work, having lots of storage space is crucial. There are loads of options but something like an industrial metal and wood desk is a great option since it has both drawers and shelves for optimal storage.An industrial metal desk with drawers will also work well in a dressing room or bedroom as a feature piece offering a little more storage.

Vintage Industrial Metal Desks

Much of the industrial design trend has a very vintage feel and there are a lot of pieces of furniture that can help you to capture this. A vintage industrial desk will look great in a modern room adding a little bit of character. Alternatively, you might create a totally vintage room throwing back to a simpler time with tons of personality.

Small Industrial Metal Desks

The issue with a lot of modern furniture is that it is always oversized. This is great if you have a huge industrial loft with room to spare but for most of us, space is limited and we must use it wisely. There are some people who must turn a corner of their living room into an office space and in this instance, it is essential to find a small industrial metal desk that will blend in.Whether you opt for something minimal, like a simple table desk or a desk with tall shelves, it is more than possible to include a small industrial desk in your room without it taking over.

Black Industrial Metal Desks

Black is a key color within the industrial design trend and using it to the max is something a lot of homeowners and designers do. However, even if you aren’t keen on inducing lots of this color, a black industrial metal desk can serve as a nice feature to break up other elements of the room. While there are many industrial metal desks that are only black, there are also some that have wooden accents and these can make a very interesting focal point in a small room. A desk can serve several purposes from giving you somewhere to do business, a place to pop a mirror and apply your makeup or simply an interesting feature in a room. Whatever your reason for shopping for an industrial metal desk, you have lots of choices including those with storage, shelving, and wooden accents for a more interesting aesthetic appeal.