Industrial Bar Stools

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Seating is one of the most important elements for a home and it comes in so many different styles. While your couch may be ideal for lounging at the end of a long day, industrial bar stools are great for occasional use and in rooms where there is a limited amount of space. 

With the industrial trend seemingly taking over the world, it is no wonder that the call for industrial bar stools has shot through the roof. Whether you are looking to give your room that factory vibe or simply want a statement piece to stand out in an otherwise plain room, an industrial style bar stool may be the answer. 

Types Of Industrial Bar Stools

Many may believe that the industrial design trend is limited in terms of how the furniture pieces look. But the opposite couldn’t be more true. There is such a great variety when it comes to industrial style bar stools so no matter what you are looking for, there will be something to suit your taste and needs.

Industrial Bar Stools With Back

Some people find that sitting on a stool without a back can be uncomfortable. For children and older adults, or those with limited physical ability, industrial bar stools with a back can provide that all-important additional support. These are ideal for placing around a high table where you might sit for a couple of hours dining with friends or to line a breakfast bar. The frames of these industrial bar stools are usually made from metal but the back supports come in a range of styles and shapes. This means that you will very easily be able to find a stool that fits the theme of your room. While some feature a simple bar across the back, others have a full back support that is not only comfortable but also very aesthetically pleasing.

Industrial Swivel Bar Stools

If you are going to be sitting in the stool for a longer period of time then having a swivel option can add to your comfort. This feature allows the person to more freely move around in their seat. Moreover, if you are sitting at a kitchen island while preparing food, for example, having the ability to swivel will allow you to reach everything you need. Industrial swivel bar stools do tend to be a little wider and so might not be suitable for counters or tables that are limited in surrounding space. That said, this type of industrial bar stool will normally feature a higher backrest and is perfect if you want something comfortable. Not to mention, they make a real statement!

Industrial Metal Bar Stools

One of the biggest parts of the industrial theme is metal. You will see this material featured heavily in various pieces of industrial architecture and furniture. Industrial metal bar stools are great for smaller spaces as they are generally more open. Using dense furniture with a solid structure can make an already compact space feel even more enclosed so these metal framed, slimline stools can really open the room up. Moreover, their compact design won’t take up masses of space around your table or counter meaning that you can get on and off the stool more comfortably. Metal is a very durable material that doesn’t take a lot of maintenance so if you are looking for something that you can buy and enjoy, these stools may be right for you. The materials will come in a wide range of colour choices but as a rule of thumb, darker metals are more in keeping with the industrial theme. That said, this is your home and it’s important that you can put your own touch on it.

Industrial Adjustable Bar Stools

For families, industrial adjustable bar stools are a must since you can adjust their height according to who is sitting on it. It is important to look for an adjustable stool that has a smooth and reliable mechanism, especially if younger members of the family will be using it. You will find that this type of industrial bar stool is much more comfortable since you can alter the height to suit your stature. If a stool is too high, you may feel unstable whereas a stool that is too low could result in slouching, which can get very uncomfortable, very quickly. Typically, adjustable industrial bar stools will also have a swivel feature, which, as we have learned, is also essential for comfort.

Industrial Bar Stool Sets

While you might purchase a single industrial bar stool to place in a bare corner of the room, more often than not, you will need to purchase a set. You’ll typically find that bar stools come in sets of two but of course, there’s no limit on the number you can buy. If you want to create a huge statement around your kitchen countertop, investing in two different sets can be a good way of doing this. Try mixing materials and colors by perhaps buying two bar stools in a dark leather and contrasting this with a bar stool set in a lighter metal. ‘ Where dining chairs can be a little too bulky for some spaces, a bar stool provides a place to sit, work and socialise without taking up a huge amount of room. There are so many industrial style bar stools out there that come in various materials and colours as well as having several different functions which may benefit you depending on your needs.