Industrial Dining Tables

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The industrial design trend seems to have taken over the world and if you’re keen to include it in your home, there are many ways you can do it. Even if you don’t have an old industrial warehouse that you can convert, including pieces of furniture such as industrial dining tables and chairs can bring that vibe into your home. 

You want your space to be unique to you and so choosing the right industrial dining table is imperative. Let’s take a look at what you’ll need to consider. 

Industrial Dining Room Furniture

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How To Choose Industrial Dining Tables

When you are choosing between industrial style dining tables, it is essential that you consider how much space you have. If you’re lucky enough to have a big open loft in the middle of an urban environment, then you may be able to go for something much bigger. Conversely, smaller spaces may require homeowners to be a little more practical and get a dining table that will suit the size. It is important to make sure that, once the chairs are in place, you have enough clearance to comfortably sit down and stand up from your seat. Looking at the shape of the table can also help with this. Normally, these industrial dining tables will come as either a circle or a rectangle. Rectangular dining tables will generally work better in a larger room whereas a round table works brilliantly in a smaller space. But more importantly, you want your industrial dining table to be the centrepiece of the room so it needs to make a statement. There is nothing timid about this design style so be prepared to stun your dinner guests with a cold table. Modern industrial dining tables come in a range of styles so just because it’ll be a statement piece, that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to find something to suit your style. Generally speaking, a dining table is something of an investment piece so you will need to look at the quality if you want something that will stand the test of time. It is better to spend that little bit more to get a well-built table than something that will break within a few months.

Types Of Wood For Industrial Dining Tables

One of the biggest features of any industrial piece of furniture is wood. The design trend normally uses this material alongside solid pieces of metal for a real warehouse character. Industrial wood dining tables come in various types and several kinds of wood are used. You will normally see them made from darker woods like mahogany, teak, maple, and acacia. However, some of the more modern industrial dining tables are made with lighter woods like oak. These work well in smaller dining rooms as they do not act as a large shadow. That said, there are also tables that are made from composite materials and are given a finish to make them look like wood. These are typically much easier to care for and don’t require as much maintenance as a real wood dining table. Moreover, they are generally more affordable. However, if you want something that offers longevity and quality, opting for one of the wooden industrial dining tables is a good option.

Industrial Table Care

If your industrial dining table features metal aspects such as legs, the good news is that these do not require any special maintenance. Of course, you will need to clean them but using regular household cleaners and a cloth will keep them looking at their best. You shouldn’t use abrasive cleaners or harsh cloths but if the metal does become scratched or tarnished, this can be removed using wax or lacquer as this will help to prevent the material from corroding. For those who have opted for a wooden industrial table, a little more hard work is involved in taking care of your furniture. The table should not be placed in direct sunlight; if your room has light flooding in, perhaps consider hanging some sheer drapes to take the edge off. The wood will normally be kiln dried but it is possible for it to either soak up moisture or become dried out if it is kept in a humid or very hot environment, respectively. In addition to this, wooden tables will be treated with oil which, over time, will need to be replenished. For the most beautiful results, the table may need to be sanded before the oil is reapplied and we would recommend having a professional carry out this work.

Industrial Tables Finishes

Depending on the look you want to go for and the price you are willing to pay, there are a wide choice of finishes for your industrial dining table. For the most rustic feel, you can go for wild wood which is largely untreated but very costly. Alternatively, you might opt for something with a veneer finish which will create a more even look. The wood grain can be either very uniform or a little more random, depending on what you like. However, going for this option means that you won’t get the durability you would get from a premium wood finish. Creating a welcoming dining space is a must for any home. Using an industrial dining table allows you to create a warm yet striking centrepiece in any size or shape of room. Coming in various finishes and using a range of materials, these beautiful dining tables can truly set the tone for your dinner party.