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While a lot of focus is placed on architecture and furniture when it comes to creating an industrial themed room, the finishing touches such as industrial lighting can make a real statement.Installing an industrial chandelier into any space will instantly draw attention from the moment people walk into the room. 

Industrial Chandelier Materials

When you think about a chandelier, you might imagine regal-looking crystal light fittings with gold trimmings that are designed to reflect light around the room. However, when we look at the industrial style chandelier, all of this is thrown out of the window and much more rustic materials are used. For example, you will often see an industrial chandelier featuring black metal. Sometimes, this is left as is, whereas for a more unusual effect, a bronze finish is applied. This rustic metal is commonly complemented using wood, which is massive in industrial decor and this can be cut into a variety of shapes from straight lines through to a round design.

For a less vintage design, rope is often used to suspend light bulbs giving a much more modern look. Of course, in many cases, these materials are combined to create a truly outstanding piece.

Where To Use Industrial Chandeliers

Chandeliers, regardless of their style, are eye-catching light fittings that will take center stage. While you can use an industrial chandelier in just about any space, we would suggest using this type of lighting to make a statement.

Hanging your industrial style chandelier over a kitchen island or dining table is a great way to lift the attention at a dinner party. Moreover, these light fittings make an excellent focal point in a large hallway, making the space feel inviting and stylish. It’s also great to hand your industrial chandelier in a bedroom that may be otherwise plainly decorated, creating an interesting point of attention.

Industrial Chandelier Styles

No matter whether you want to update an existing space with a little bit of industrial flair or you are going for an all-out industrial look, the many industrial chandeliers for sale can help you show off your unique style.

Round Industrial Chandeliers

There are many round industrial chandeliers that have smooth contours and will give a break from the often straight, clean lines of the industrial trend. If you have a large rectangular dining table, adding two round industrial chandeliers can create a striking yet very complementary juxtapose.

But you don’t have to go for a perfectly round design since there are a lot of chandeliers that take the round aesthetic and add just or points for an attention-grabbing piece.

Industrial Chandelier Brushed Nickel

Brushed metals are the epitome of industrial design and with a matte finish, can make a subdued yet noticeable statement. But what’s most interesting about this material is its durability. Compared to chrome and other metals, brushed nickel will last much longer. Moreover, it doesn’t show up marks as much as other comparable materials so is often easier to maintain. With this being a relatively plain material, you can use these types of industrial chandeliers in spaces where you want an ornate light fitting but don’t want to take away from other interesting aspects of the room.

Black Industrial Chandeliers

Black metal is one of the most well-loved materials in industrial design. To make a striking statement that doesn’t hold back, large, black industrial chandeliers are a must.

Whether you want a chandelier made solely from black materials to hang above a kitchen island and instantly draw the eye, or something with black accents, this is one of the easiest to come by styles on the market. The color contrasts perfectly with exposed bricks or woodwork.

Other Industrial Light Fixtures

If you don’t want to go as far as installing a large chandelier, there are many other types of industrial light fitting that could work. Track lighting is excellent for practicality but will also make a great, yet less obvious statement.

Industrial pendant lighting is perfect for smaller spaces where you still want to create an interesting feature overhead. This type of lighting is usually hung in groups, whereas a chandelier will be a piece on it’s own. Alternatively, wall lighting such as bathroom vanity lights, are a great way to illuminate a particular area, but again, with so many industrial styles, you won’t be limited in choice.

Depending on the size of the room, you might opt for a central chandelier, complemented by other industrial light fittings. A chandelier can take a space from dull to fantastic, making a lighting statement like nothing else. This type of light fitting is all about going big or going home and there are a lot of styles to choose from if you want to keep to an industrial theme.