Industrial Bathroom Shelves

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You’ve got that beautiful exposed brick wall, you’ve installed some tasteful industrial style bathroom furniture and hung industrial wall art but something is missing; industrial bathroom shelves. To complete the look of your room, adding shelving can create a new focal point as well as giving you somewhere to store your essential items.

How To Choose Industrial Bathroom Shelves

When it comes to choosing the right bathroom shelves, there are several things you need to think about. One of the most important being where you will place the shelving. For smaller bathrooms, it can be a real space saver to hang wall shelves, allowing you a display area and storage without compromising on an already tight space. However, for larger rooms, you may want to create a feature using a large industrial bathroom shelving unit. Furthermore, you should think about the materials that you would like your shelving made from. In the industrial trend, wood and dark colored metals are a must but these certainly aren’t your only options. It is important to decide whether you want your shelving to blend in with other aspects of the room or whether you want it to be a standout feature. It is also a good idea to think about how many shelves you need. Shelving units come in various sizes and while some people may want a single shelf to store their bathroom essentials, others will want something much larger to create a visual display. When installing shelving, it pays to think about the strength of the unit. The great thing about industrial shelving is that it is often made with high-quality materials and this means greater strength. However, this isn’t always the case. Depending on what you will be displaying, you may need varying shelf strengths. Those made from materials like reclaimed wood will typically be much stronger than those made from thin metal. Finally, you must think about style. While there is a theme with industrial design, this doesn’t mean that you are limited on style. From the ornate to the simple and everything in between, you can choose whether your shelving units blend in or stand out and make a grand statement.

Industrial Shelf With Towel Bar

Your shelving unit will serve as a place to display decorative items and show off your personal flair in the bathroom. However, by installing an over the toilet industrial shelf with a towel bar, you are providing yourself important storage space. Having a towel to hand in the bathroom is essential and this beautiful display is multi-purpose.

Industrial Bathroom Shelving Units

One of the great things about industrial bathroom shelving units is that these are very versatile pieces of furniture. Take this adjustable metal shelving unit, for example, which gives you options in terms of height as well as ample storage including handy hooks.

Industrial Pipe Bathroom Shelves

Pipework is one of the most prominent features of industrial design and gives a strong nod towards the theme’s commercial past. Industrial pipe bathroom shelves add a touch of industrial charm into any bathroom whether you have gone all out with this trend or just want an accent piece.

Shelves Made Of Wood

Wood is a durable material that is timeless. No matter what level of industrial design you are trying to achieve, shelves made from wood will give a great balance to the other materials used in this decor style.

Reclaimed Wood Bathroom Shelves

A lot of the inspiration for industrial design comes from factories and warehouses throughout history. Using reclaimed wood for your bathroom shelving is a strong industrial accent. A lot of industrial bathroom shelves for sale are made from raw materials like reclaimed wood and if you want a taste of history, this is the way to go. Each piece will have its own unique story. As a finishing touch to your industrial style bathroom or even as an accent piece for a plain bathroom, industrial bathroom shelving serves multiple purposes. Not only will your shelving give you a place to store and display things but you can let your creativity run wild and create a stunning focal point in the bathroom.