BTEXPERT Bronze Industrial Vintage Distressed Rustic Steel Metal Dining 59 x 36 Rectangle Wood Table

BAMBOO WOOD : This outdoor dining table is constructed from robust bamboo wood with an elegant, flawless look. This features antique and classical wood . The wood is integrated with natural variation and features knots for an elegant and classical look. The bottom of the table traits an x-brace which reinforces the stability and weight capacity of the table overall.
INDUSTRIAL GRADE: Moderately slanted metal legs complete the rustic design, giving your garden, balcony, or even in the dining room of your home an extraordinary touch of class. This industrial grade, durable dining table is composed of highly qualified metal legs and layered with a powder coat finish. This industrial piece of art also features rubber foot mars on the bottom of each leg. These are anti-scratch and anti- glide. Move around your tables easily without scratches on the floor.
PERFECT FOR PARTIES: Seats up to six people, spacious enough to spend some quality time together for family gatherings or small gatherings with friends. This table is always stylish and the ideal choice for restaurants, cafes, houses, and parties. They are solid industrial grade and are able to be used. Easily move them around and place them where you prefer